boogie boogie boogie boop


Guy Talks.

Guy 1: Smash.
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: I’d probably smash that.
Guy 2: Yeah, but you’d probably have sex with anything besides a fat chick.
Guy 1: False.
Guy 2: You’d also smash a fat chick?

I want to have a son and name him Oscar. That way I’ll have one more Oscar than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Read a man a Youtube description, and he’ll know for a day. Teach a man to read a Youtube description, and he’ll know for a lifetime.

Pokemon x and y are going to suck when the next generation of handhelds comes out because you won’t be able to download the patch to be able to save in luminose.

Mr. Peabody should be played by Snoop Dogg for the up coming movie, and instead of saying indubitably, he should say for shizzle my nizzle.